Energy Saving Packages

LESL`s energy saving modules - optimising your electricity usage for maximum savings [liquid & water pumps, fans, hydraulic pumps, fluid transfer, compressors]

Savings are made by analysing & monitoring the duty cycle of the equipment & optimising the machine for light load running & full load operating conditions whatever the duty cycle or machine loading requirements, this can be done through speed reduction or even switching the motor of when not in use, this can also reduce your down time though premature wear from constant running when off load ?not in use conditions prevail

LESL`s power saving unit acts as a soft start & applies a no shock load to the motor & associated mechanical parts such as bearings , shaft extensions , keyways , half couplings gearbox`s etc .This extends the life of the driven & rotating parts & reducing your down time.

LESL can supply and install Power Saving Units by our factory trained engineers & technicians or a standard unit for you to retro fit by your engineers complete with all associated cabling , HMI`s , PLC`s , networked & integrated to your PC for total energy monitoring & production performance

LESL now more than ever realise our customers drive to reduce their power consumption while increasing productivity!

LESL`s vast knowledge in all industries means we can offer the best solution for all your energy saving requirements!

LESL`s experience is that the life of Hydraulic oil is increased reducing your servicing & operational costs!

LESL can assist in obtaining a Carbon Trust 0 % Loan at no extra cost to yourselves.